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br Carpe diem.Seule et dprime aprs le dcs de son mari, Stephanie ne sait plus que faire d elle mme Bill lui a pourtant t infidle et leur relation s tiolait Elle accepte contrecur de partir en vacances avec deux couples d amis et passe un sjour doux amer Sur la route du retour, sous l impulsion du moment, elle se rend Las Vegas Aprs tout, personne ne l attend plus chez elle Elle dcouvre les paysages uniques du Grand Canyon et fait la rencontre de Chase, un homme charmant avec qui elle prend plaisir discuter Gracieusement, il lui offre des billets pour un concert Ce n est que plus tard qu elle comprend qu il n est autre que Chase Taylor, grande star mondialement connue de la musique country Et quand il lui propose de l accompagner en tourne, Stephanie accepte Aprs tout, personne ne l attend plus chez elle...

Title : Musique
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Format Type : E-Book
Language : Französisch
Publisher : Presses de la Cit 12 Januar 2017
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Musique Reviews

  • milena
    2019-07-18 13:44

    The new story of Danielle Steel is fantastic! To see how Stephany found power to change her life after her husband died. To find the power to meet new love, new man in her life. She had to let the past go and to start to live again with Case and his love.I couldn't stop reading! Thanks again Danielle!

  • Patricia S. Burgess
    2019-07-05 14:49

    Although the plot is very predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Steel has added a new dimension to her work in the last few years and it is obvious in this one. I loved all of the characters. While I did get a bit put out with the heroine who was so down on herself and so willing to listen to her daughters' criticism, I knew how she felt. Starting a new life is never easy and the author has nailed it perfectly. Self-doubt it rampant in the life of both the heroine and the hero. The redeeming virtue is that the hero is a man of character and integrity whom Steel paints with a broad brush. He epitomizes what we see in many of the Country singers of today. I just loved his warm personality. My only criticism of the work is that when it reached the climax it was too quickly done. Characters made an about-face making resolution sweet. Like I say, I really enjoyed this work.

  • MoChroi
    2019-06-24 18:31

    I've read many Danielle Steel novels and have enjoyed several. However, only one stands out in my mind, Message From Nam. All the others kind of roll together into one. I stopped reading her for years because I found most of the books to be too cookie-cutter and predictable. Decided to give this one a try but it's pretty ho-hum. I find myself skipping through much of it. Also finding errors one would not expect to find with the team of editors Ms. Steel surely must have at this point in her career! If you are a die-hard fan you'll probably like it. Otherwise, pass.

  • Mary Ann
    2019-07-16 20:52

    This was total soap opera -- not very realistic. A woman loses her husband, meets the love of her life, and everything is rosy for her, emotionally and financially. She's young enough, pretty enough and financially secure. Her children are out of the house, she doesn't have to support them and and she is strong and secure enough to survive. As most of us know, life is not that convenient. I doubt whether I will read any more of her books.

  • R. Brobeck
    2019-07-04 20:27

    Again, Danielle Steele has churned out a book with little suspense and poor characters. I was so disappointed in this book becausethe hype written about it in reviews made me buy it. First, the story is hard to believe. I think Danielle Steele did a really good job withthe beginning, making me feel sorry Stephanie's loss when her husband passed away so quickly. After that, the story dragged on abouthow she went off to find herself and met up with a big country star. The relationship between the two is hard to believe. They never fightand they have too much patience with each other. Ending is kind of hard to believe too.

  • aj
    2019-07-15 16:56

    Great book! While it is true that our chance of meeting a country star on a hiking trail and becoming oart of his life is slim, the point of this book is how to pick up the pieces after your life is handed back to you. In the book Stephanie loses her husband unexpectedly and must cope with picking up the peices of her life. A wrong turn returning home from a weekend with friends and a spur of the moment decision to go to Las Vegas opens the door to a new world for her. She meets a country music star who encourages her to reach out to life and take a chance for happiness. CARPE DIEM! Seize the day - is his motto. Her struggle to come to terns with the past while reaching for a new life is a lesson for life. You can't move forward if you're stuck in the past. Finding the courage to move forward after a loss, rediscovering yourself can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Danielle Steele does a great job of exploring all the emotions involved. Recommend that it be read and reread!CARPE DIEM - seize the day