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There will be three, kin of your kin who hold the power of the stars in their paws.A mysterious murder in the ranks has ripped ThunderClan apart But secrets still remain to be discovered.Jayfeather is determined to find out who his real parents are But he ll have to trample through a forest of lies in order to uncover the truth Hollyleaf is shocked by her Clan s disobedience of the warrior code, and distraught enough to strike out at someone she s always admired And Lionblaze must bear horrified witness to events that will change everything he believes.In the harshest days of leaf bare Clanmate turns upon Clanmate, danger lurks behind familiar faces, and one warrior may be lost forever ...

Title : Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : HarperCollins Auflage Revised 9 April 2009
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Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise Reviews

  • Rolf Hell
    2019-09-05 01:38

    Was soll man da schreiben. Über Geschmack lässt sich bekanntlich nicht streiten, oder wie der Affe sagte, als er die Seife fraß: "Alles Geschmackssache". In diesem Sinne ein tolles Buch.

  • Rawiya
    2019-09-03 00:37

    Der sechste Teil der Power of Three Serie ist ein ausgesprochen würdiger Nachfolger der Reihe. Viele Geheimnisse warten und auch wenn es anfangs so scheint als ahnte man die Lösungen so wird man am Ende doch überrascht. Für junge wie alte Anhänger Erin Hunters Katzenclans ist es wie immer ein spannendes und fesselndes Abenteuer. Sie werden den Beginn der nächsten Reihe kaum erwarten können!5 Sterne für dieses überaus gelungene Buch.

  • anonym1
    2019-09-13 08:46

    Ich bin ein riesiger fan von der warriors saga, und bis jetzt hat mich noch kein buch enttäuscht. Aber dieser Teil ist irgendwie komisch und ich finde auf die geheimnisse die in diesem buch gelüftet werden könnte man verzichten. Es fing bereits mit dem 5. teil an, wo squirrelflight erzählt, das es gar nicht ihre kinder sind, und dann der misteriöse tod ashfurs. Vor allem die letzten seiten haben mich neagtiv überrascht. ich will mir jetzt die nächste staffel bestellen und hoffe das es doch wieder ein happy end für vor allem die katzen gibt, die einem, in der zweiten staffel, sehr ans herz gewachsen sind.Aber das buch ist natürlich wie immer spannend und man sollte es lesen...

  • A
    2019-08-30 00:25

    It's hard to write a review without spoiling the book. My eight-year-old son and I have been reading the Warriors series together, and we were eager to get to this one because we have become deeply invested in the fates of the three protagonists who had shared their thoughts with us during the previous five books.I am not upset that there are cliffhangers in this final book of the Power of Three series. What does bother me is that characters who, until now, have been carefully developed and artfully drawn are suddenly behaving in inexplicable manners in order to serve a plot twist that, frankly, fails to satisfy. I'm not talking about the plot twist that everyone saw coming. I'm talking about the one that makes no sense.It's not rocket science to understand that, when a book or series of books offers a "surprise" ending, the reader ought to be able to go back over the previous material and find considerable support for the proposition that he or she should have - or at least could have - seen this coming. I'm not saying the writer has to drop anvils on the reader's head (although this was done with regard to the parentage of the three protagonists of this series). But the plot twist should have prior textual support and should never ever flatly contradict information that has been presented - repeatedly and by characters who "know" - as fact. That's not misdirection (a fine and well-tried literary technique): that's lying.The error is further compounded when the so-called surprise violates just about everything the reader knows by virtue of having experienced large parts of the story from the viewpoint of the character at issue. You don't establish a character as a reliable third person narrator and then have her do things that contradict every single thing the reader learned about this character's core beliefs and emotional truths while inside this character's very own head.You don't spend over a thousand pages establishing a character as fundamentally incapable - both morally and temperamentally - of committing a crime and then make that character the criminal just because no one would see it coming.You. Just. Don't. If the reason no one sees it coming is that, under the reality you the author have established it would never ever happen, you don't do it. And having the character suddenly start committing crimes at the end of the story just in order to serve your plot twist doesn't make it better. It makes it worse.My son and I will continue with the next series in the hope that things by the lake are not what they seem to be as of the end of this book. If this "surprising" turn of events happens to be a bit of red herring thrown our way to make the ultimate resolution more interesting, then I will take back much of my criticism.

  • Alejo Gomez
    2019-08-29 00:50

    All right! I've been extremely anxious to finish "Power of Three", and was surprised at the story. (WARNING!!! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!) I couldn't identify who had killed Ashfur, and was dying to know. Apparently, the Clan cats thought the same, and suspected Sol was the culprit. The journey to find the ominous cat was very boring, and I often found myself skipping paragraphs. It seemed as if it would never end, and I was impatient to reach more conclusions. Finally, when they came back with Sol prisoner ( and a new grumpy elder for ThunderClan! ) Things began to liven up again. Jayfeather is dying to know who his real parents were, while Hollyleaf struggles to follow the warrior code. Near the end, when Leafpool confesses the truth to Hollyleaf ( and Holllyleaf confesses murdering Ashfur ), everything gets tense. The three find out the truth, and later realise that Squirrelflight was involved. They start scheming to find who their father was, and at the end it's revealed that it was Crowfeather. It was really sad at the end, how Hollyleaf humiliates Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and then tries to force Leafpool to eat deathberries. It was really sad, and I was hoping Hollyleaf would forgive Leafpool. But no. It was just so sad! The book was great, except for the journey to find Sol, and I think it deservers 4 stars!

  • Carol M Hoffman
    2019-08-22 03:30

    My granddaughter started out having trouble with reading. She went to a summer program between 1st and 2nd grades but still only managed to get to grade level on the tests. She didn't really like to read. Then she got the very first book ofErin Hunter's Warrior series and was hooked. Now I buy the whole set for her at one time. This is the 3rd set of 6 books that I bought for her. Her vocabulary and reading comprehension has soared and she is scoring way above average in those tests. We feel it is all due to these books that have so captured her interest.

  • CuteCat**
    2019-09-02 08:46

    For the love of Starclan, Hollyleaf did NOT comit suicide, and she didn't turn evil. Confused and shaken after confirming the "hidden" linneage of herself and her brothers, Hollyleaf decides she can no longer live in her clan, and tries to run away through the tunnels that conect to Windclan. There is an accedent, and the tunnels colapse, "killing" her. In no way can this be portraid as suicide. Hollyleaf killing Ashfur is an obvious and forseeable conclusion given her personality, he would have destroyed the clan had he reveiled the secret. Hollyleaf was always the one that believed most in the warrior code, and finding out just how broken it was just for her being born is easily enough to drive her actions as it did, so I also disagree with other reveiws saying that she acted out of character. And yes, there is a difference between Ashfur telling it and Hollyleaf doing so. Consider that you find out you were adopted, would you rather have a loved one tell you, or hear it from the school bully with malice? Don't kid yourself, the reasons behind an action DO matter.I personally am not sure if Hollyleaf is even dead, no attempt was made to dig her body out of the tunnels and she hasn't been seen in Starclan or the Dark Forest. It seems too good an opprotunity to pass up mentioning.

  • Pickles
    2019-08-23 05:23

    This enthralling new addition to the power of three series wraps up this "mini-series". It starts off with a very confused and angry ThunderClan. The cats of ThunderClan have discovered that Ashfur, a loyal warrior of ThunderClan. But what they don't know I s that Ashfur went mad over his love for squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, LionBlaze, and Jayfeathers adopted mother. The three' s real mother was revealed along with their father. At the end of this exciting adventure , Hollyleaf drives herself insane due to the way,her parents had broken the warrior code and got herself killed. It ends when Jayfeather realized that although Hollyleaf was dead, the prophecy was still alive due to Whitewing's new kits.