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An ingenious craft handbook explains how to transform the ordinary T shirt into a wide variety of fashionable clothing, accessories, and other items, with detailed instructions for than 120 innovative projects, including braided rugs, tablecloths, pillows, skirts, a purse, and Original....

Title : Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt: 101 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt
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ISBN : 9780761137856
ISBN13 : 978-0761137856
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : WORKMAN PR Auflage First Printing 24 Februar 2006
Number of Pages : 260 Seiten
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Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt: 101 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt Reviews

  • Schenkerin
    2019-08-20 04:49

    Das Buch zeigt wirklich viele Möglickeiten auf aus einem einfachen T-Shirt, das man vielleicht schon entsorgen wollte, noch eine neue Kreation zu machen. Was ich sehr praktisch finde ist, dass man auch kein großer Nähkünstler sein muss um die Entwürfe nachzumachen. Das Englisch ist auch so verständlich (bzw. die Bilder erklären es), dass man beim Nacharbeiten eigentlich kaum Probleme haben dürfte.Manche Vorschläge finde ich persönlich eher sinnlos, wie z.B. das Brautkleid, aber mit der Zeit entwickelt man da eigene Ideen oder kombiniert vielleicht zwei T-Shirt-Vorschläge, deswegen ein wirklich hilfreiches Buch.

  • Moebius Bulke
    2019-08-29 05:41

    Beinahe hätte ich meine über dreißig T-Shirts weggeworfen oder als Putzlappen verwendet... Wer kennt das nicht? Das Lieblings-Shirt, das Lieblings-Bandshirt vom letzten Konzert - irgendeine Erinnerung hängt nun mal daran. Aber wie sehen sie aus?Löcher drin, die Säume zerfleddert.. seufz.ABER - wer dieses Buch hat, pimpt nicht nur seine Garderobe auf, sondern macht absolute Unikate aus einem ordinären Shirt. Ein Mini-Rock, ein sexy Neckholder, ein Bikini, sogar ein Brautkleid (!) wird vorgestellt und ist (dank der Zeichnungen auch ohne große Englischkenntnisse) einfach nachzumachen. Die verschiedenen Techniken kann man natürlich auch kombinieren und nach ein, zwei Pimp my shirt-Nachmittagen kommt man sowieso auch auf viele eigene Ideen.Meine bisherigen Modelle sind auf jeden Fall ein Blickfang und ich wurde schon mehrfach darauf angesprochen.Welche Fähigkeiten braucht man für den Erfolg?Mit einer Schere (einer wirklich scharfen!) sollte man schon umgehen können, eine gerade Naht (mit Hand oder Maschine) ist auch nicht wirklich schwer umzusetzen, auch für Menschen, die noch NIE genäht haben.Ach ja, für Jungs gibt es auch das eine oder andere Modell.

  • Lesa V.
    2019-09-01 06:51

    As a re-crafting seamstress, I've ripped up more than a couple of T-shirts to make into something better than the original. Bought this book because it looked fun, and looked like it would have some new ideas for me to try out.It is definitely geared to the more punk genre of clothing, well over half of the "patterns" being held together with safety pins, which can look edgy and fresh in some cases, sadly looks more tragic in a lot of these. The majority of all of the patterns have raw, unfinished seams (as noted in several other reviews) which is ok for some things. Flipped through this with my 2 nieces, aged 15 and 17, they both saw a few cute things but not many that they'd be willing to wear, or "chop up a t-shirt for" (their words, not mine).Glad I bought it used, there is little in here that strikes my fancy, most of which was available in the preview. Maybe if they'd had a bit more difference between the "sew" and "no-sew" options, or at least had some with finished seams/hems.HOWEVER, all the above aside, the writers have a pretty unique and interesting way of writing, and the bits of information on every other page about t-shirts in general, was nice.Overall I gave this 3 stars because if you're looking for a way to use up a bunch of old shirts for a teenager, or a "punk" style person, it would be ok, at the very least to get ideas from for real projects. Other than that, there isn't much I can say for it.~edited because apparently I didn't click on stars.

  • AlterEgoChriss
    2019-08-24 03:38

    I'm an aspiring designer myself, dealing mostly in refashioning old or worn-out clothes into new or more stylish pieces. I found most of the projects in this book to be really fun and easy to complete. I hate hate HATE plain, off-the-rack t-shirts with a passion. This book gave me tons of new ideas for how to turn those boring t-shirts into more interesting (and often more feminine) pieces. I've had the book less than a week and already made several projects very similar to those in the book. I love that it offers a wide variety of both wearable and non-wearable projects, as well as ideas on how to use even the smallest scraps so nothing goes to waste. I also thought it was nice that the book offered projects for shirts of all sizes, so there's something for everyone and every shirt somewhere. There were styles to flatter every shape and size! I can't stress enough how much I love this book! I bought a similar book recently and was very disappointed at both the amount of project ideas offered and the quality of those ideas. Not so with this book. Each design is unique and interesting, and most offer extra variations if you don't like the exact way a project looks. I can't wait to get the second book now and start on even more new projects! My only complaint is there aren't very many guy-friendly projects in the book, but I've heard the next book takes care of that a little better.

  • MrsEvans
    2019-08-24 06:34

    In my opinion, this book would be best for a young teen attempting to find their creative voice. Or if you are the super artsy person. For the run of the mill every day person, the ideas presented are not ones that you would wear. I ended up gifting the books (I bought both titles for t-shirt transformation) to a friend who loves them. I guess I really depends on taste. For the run of the mill everyday person, this would not be your up of tea!

  • Jessica M. Mcgee
    2019-08-21 02:33

    I just got this book yesterday so I have not tried any of the ideas yet but they all look so simple that I doubt I will have any problems with any of the designs. I am so excited to get started and ready for summer so I can wear some of these shirts out and about. The book includes step by step instructions, even telling you how many t-shirts you will need and what sizes. The pictures are clear and easy to understand. The color pictures a beautiful and showcase how unique and pretty these designs really are. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to create custom clothes on a budget, I mean after all she does show you how to make a wedding dress out of six or seven white t-shirts! You can't get much more budget friendly then that! There is very little sewing and some don't have any at all. I am so looking forward to trying out all of these designs. And I would suggest checking out your local Goodwill for some cool, one of a kind and cheap t-shirts. This way you wont tear up a precious shirt of your own and have something to practice on. Good luck!

  • ThomShap
    2019-09-13 01:42

    This book is okay - although, as my teen daughter says, the designs are sooo 2003. As it turns out, it was published 3 years later, but there is sort of an 80s edgy psudo-punk and possibly even slutty look to a lot of the designs - like you think people who live in Greenwich Village would dress (and maybe they did . . . in the 80s). Many of the designs are things you would probably think of on your own if you put some thought into it, but if, like me, you are a little lazy and want someone else to think of clever DIY ideas for you, it's a good start. I would never make a lot of the things, especially the non-apparel items, but I wasn't offended by having those ideas in there in addition to the few I've made.