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William Diehl stunned readers with Primal Fear and Show of Evil, the national bestsellers featuring Chicago lawyer Martin Vail Now, in his gripping new novel of suspense, Diehl enters uncharted territory, pushing Vail and the legal system he represents to the brink of destruction.After an ultra right wing militia seizes truckloads of highly volatile weapons, the president turns to Illinois attorney general Martin Vail His job nail the terrorists in their tracks Vail plunges into his new, near impossible mission, one that soon explodes into a personal nightmare as his most chilling adversary, Aaron Stampler, returns seemingly from the dead to exact a vengeance that could bring Vail to his knees ...

Title : Reign in Hell (Vail Stampler, Band 3)
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ISBN : 9780345395061
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Publisher : Ballantine Books Auflage Reprint 29 Juli 1998
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Reign in Hell (Vail Stampler, Band 3) Reviews

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    2019-05-02 22:26

    I enjoyed the first two Martin Vail novels, and was quite disappointed by this one, for the above three reasons. Poorly written -- it violates rules you can find in any basic creative writing book or class. It lists and tells rather than showing or describing, and it talks down to the reader. The book frequently resorts to simplistic "X happened, then Y happened" paragraphs rather than involving the reader in the events (the last paragraph of the book is a great example). Such writing tends not to evoke suspense or fear, and this book is no exception. It's obvious that Diehl didn't spend nearly as much time on this book as on his others.Wandering storylines -- The inclusion of Aaron Stampler into this book feels artificial and forced. He has perhaps four scenes, five tops, and only one of them is very long or involved. Diehl occasionally drops some interesting hints, but the character does not grow at all, and we gain no further insight into his motives or past.Atrocious politics -- I don't need every novel I read to vindicate my politics, but there are parts of this book which perpetuate alarming fallacies about RICO as well as the Waco incident. It is ironic that the Turner Diaries are widely criticized for their well-known slant and unconscionable ideas, but that this book then goes on to unfairly lump David Koresh in with Jim Jones and equate the Branch Davidians with racist militia organizations. (Watch the documentary WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for some interesting points, as well as proof of the Davidians' rejection of racism.) RICO, touted as a wonderful way to chase down criminals, is in reality a catch-all, open-ended series of statutes used primarily to harass citizens who do not have the wherewithal to resist such intrusions (my family has firsthand experience of this).If Diehl's intention here was truly to depict a struggle between two sets of bad guys, he did it poorly, because he over-simplified it. One need not be a religious fanatic or a racist to feel alarm at the shocking atrocities perpetuated by the government against its own citizens in recent years, or wince at the vast authority politicians seem to feel comfortable exercising over private citizens' lives. Yet anyone who dared present that view in the novel was made into a caricature.In short, I don't recommend the book, not only because of its simplistic treatment of complex issues but because it falls flat as a thriller as well. It is far below what we already know Diehl is capable of.

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    2019-05-24 02:12

    The President has decided it is time to stop the Sanctuary of theLord and the Wrath of God, a paramilitary organization disguised as areligious movement. The group is run by a former war hero and religious fanatic, General (R) Engstrom, who has a personal grudge against the president that dates back to their service time in Nam. His group advocates the overthrow of the American government by violent means. They are a force of six thousand hard core soldiers, daily growing stronger, and possess state of the art weapons. The President believes that the time has come to diffuse the threat by rendering the enemy impotent. His weapon of choice is the Ricco Statutes and the Attorney General of Illinois, Martin Vail, and his staff, affectionately known as the "Wild Bunch" are selected to pull the trigger. Marty and his team use all their resources to link Engstrom to the Sanctuary and eventually to the militia movement. However, he is unaware that his old enemy, Aaron Stampler, thought to be dead, is a key participant in the Sanctuary movement. Aaron plans to get even with Marty for what the man did to him. PRIMAL FEAR was a brilliant thriller that most readers considered to be William Diehl's best novel and impossible to top. REIGN IN HELL, shockingly, is even better because its scope is wider, focusing on national social issues. Building on the fear and outrage inspired by Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City, Mr. Diehl guides his readers deeply into the essence of the cult-like militia movement and the dilemma facing the federal government: To use force to stop the movement and alienate many moderate conservatives, or to ignore the movement until it may prove too late.Harriet Klausner

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    2019-05-11 05:05

    The first 1/3 part of this novel is quite promising and read like a powerhouse, but when the author tried to let Vail get involved the militia RICO case and in the meantime, tried to give his loyal readers a resolution of the bad and cunning A. Stampler and made him connect with the crazy militia extremists, the whole plot seems suddenly lost its powerful grip. If a RICO case was expected not to be solved within 18 months after Vail was sworn-in as Deputy A.G., the whole 2/3 part of its development read just like happened and resolved within couple of weeks, didn't look like it was evoked or solved by Vail but purely by the right(wrong) timing. Once any military operation launced, the scenario has become so large, so wide and lost its steam, and Vail has become a vague character instead of a well-focused center. If describing and/or portraying it just by quite a few (and quite tiresome ones) dialogue scenes of Vail's Wild Bunch, it was not a good way to satisfy a thinking reader. But in general, this is still a readable one and definitely better than other novels in the similar genra. Anyway, I think the best excerpt digging out from this book's Book Three CHAOS is Pascal'S: " MEN NEVER DO EVIL SO COMPLETELY AND CHEERFULLY AS WHEN THEY DO IT FROM RELIGIOUS CONVICTION." Look around you now, what happened and is happening in this country is just like what Pascal said long time ago, in addition to the "religious conviction", we should also add the "self-righteous extreme right-wing conservatism". These two combined evil forces are now tearning our great nation and our book market apart.